Innovation TechWorks
About Innovation TechWorks

Innovation TechWorks is an information technology consulting firm based out of the Washington DC area. Founded by experienced technical consultants, Innovation TechWorks core services are in Software Development, Identity Management and Database Development.


Innovation TechWorks mission is to become the trusted technical advisor to organizations in both the private and public sectors.


Customer Centric - Innovation TechWorks was founded based on the belief that our clients are our partners, and our responsibility as information technology consultants is to provide the best possible advice to solve their technical and business problems, even if we have to put aside our own interests.

Innovation - Innovation TechWorks values people that are creative and are able to find innovative solutions to business and technical problems.

Technical Excellence - In order to provide the best possible advice to our clients, Innovation TechWorks consultants are fluent in the current state of the art information technologies.

Candor - Innovation TechWorks values a culture where its employees can speak openly and honestly with their peers and clients. We believe that a candid environment is conducive to better business and technical results.

Trust - Innovation TechWorks believes that trust is the measure of how well we are performing in each of our engagements. We believe that we will gain our clients trust if we put the clients’ interest first, innovate in the latest technologies successfully, and are open and honest with our peers and clients.

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